Hanzhong Grand Theater
Hanzhong, Sha’anxi Province
59000 M²
Conceptual Design
The site is located at the border of the old city and the Han River natural landscape zone. The whole piece of the land is designed to a city-class central culture square, the grand theater and another public building with city-class are planned on both sides of the axis. The grand theater is with perceptual connotation, while the other one is the house of wisdom with a rational culture meaning. On both sides of the axis, one is round and one is square, which define the logical relationship of related construction, as well as reinforce the supreme position of principal axis.
For architectural design, it extracts representative cultural carrier —— Wooden and Bamboo Slips of Han Dynasty, as its design intention, we take homogenized enclosing to the whole shape, to forming its overall effect of rich rhythm and remarkable. It adopts sheet metal and glass curtain wall etc. this kind of modern construction materials for the facade, presenting a smart and elegant architectural form.