Beijing Huai Rou Taoist Temple
Huairou District, Beijing
3000 M²
The Taoist Temple is located in ErDaoGuanCun, JiuDuHe in Huai Rou District of Beijing. HuaiRou is a district with beautiful scenery and comfortable weather, and has been praised as "the pearl of the capital's suburb". Being a beautiful satellite city, HuaiRou is surrounded by mountains and rivers. The grand Great Wall, primary forest, clean air, fresh water can all be found, where is an ideal place for human to dwell. Being located 60km away from the city center when counting point to point, the project site is located on the South-North axis of Beijing and within 2-hour commuting distance of Beijing. The construction is built according to traditional site plan and architectural style, while underground structure adopts modern earth-sheltered architecture. There is a blend of tradition as physical appearance and modern as concept, depicting the central idea of yin and yang of Taoism.