Marine sports Base/Marine Navigation Sports School for 26th World University Games, Shenzhen
LongGang District, ShenZhen, Guangdong Province, China
27180.00 M²
The sailing, sailboard venues and auxiliary constructions is composed of three project, these are "Maritime Sports Base" for sailboard venues, "Competition Infrastructures in QiXing Bay" for sailing venues, and "Marine Navigation Sports School" for auxiliary constructions.
The total land area of “Maritime Sports Base" is 3.79 hM², the base area is divided into seven functional areas according to the technological process and the requirements of the Games, these are venue operation area, sports competition area, athletes and team official area, venue concierge area, TV broadcasting area, media area and audience activity area.
“Marine Navigation Sports School" is one of the important auxiliary constructions for the sailing and sailboard event of the Games and will be the operation supporting facility after the Games.
The Competition Infrastructures in QiXing Bay is the sailing tournament facilities of the 26th World University Games in Shenzhen, undertaking Universiade maritime events with the "Maritime Sports Base".