• 2A2 Studio Traditional Art Workshop

    2A2 Studio Traditional Art Workshop - Program A will take you into a special experience, about Chinese ancient architecture model making. You will get in touch with the Chinese ancient architectural art, also and with the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture and handcraft. Lesson by: Master Xie ChangQing Course Duration: One year Class Time: Half hour class, twice a week Course: Using tools skillfully, Introduction of Chinese ancient architecture, Introduction of DouGong, Introduction of DouGong for Ming & Qing Dynasties We plan to enroll three students for Program A, if you’re interested please register on B Platform by the end of December 16th (Monday).

  • Chinese Ancient Architecture Model Making

    Ancient architecture model

    The ancient architectural master Xie ChangQing was born in an architectural family. His great-grandfather Xie YongMing was a famous paint artist in Xianghe area. His family are engaged in construction or oil painting. Xie ChangQing has developed a keen interest in building since childhood and can make ancien

  • Photo taking activity

    It is an activity with an aim to record the contribution of architects. Photos taken will be put into a book or used as promotion.

  • Exchange activity in Beijing attended by Michael Graves

    BIAD held an exchange visit for Michael Graves coming to Beijing. It was held in Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall on July 02, 2014 from 6pm to 8pm.
    Various professional architects and leaders attended the visit. Apart from our famous American architect and architectural educator guest, BIAD chairman Mr. Zhu and other leaders, representatives from Wenzhou-Kean University lead by Mr. Yu, Beijing architects were also our honorable guests. The activity was conducted in a relaxed but elegant atmosphere. Mr. Graves introduced his design of Wenzhou-Kean University in his speech, while guests ask him questions in turn and there was also performance of Chinese traditional arts.
    Before the activity started, Mr. Graves and other guests visited the Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall to know more about Beijing's development history and planning. The activity is a very successful one with 180 guests. This activity not only allowed mutual understanding, but also created a communication platform for young Chinese architects and foreign famous architect.

  • From Technology to Culture: the Architecture of the past 100 years
    Speech by Preston Scott Cohen

    On Mar 19, 2015, Mr. Preston Scott Cohen, the Gerald M. McCue Professor of Architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), visited us and gave a speech "From Technology to Culture: the Architecture of the past 100 years".